Dr. Elaine Hsieh

Professor, Communication
University of Oklahoma

TEL: 405-325-3154
Email: Elaine Hsieh


Dissertation Chaired

Sachiko Terui (2016). Cross-cultural comparisons on pathways between language barriers and health disparities.

Haiying Kong (2016). Finding Peace in Life’s Unexpected Journey: The Processes of Grieving and Identity Transformation for Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome.

Co-Chaired with Dr. Eric M. Kramer
current position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor, School of Communications, Grand Valley State University, MI

Pitoloka, Dyah. (2014). The (Passive) Violence of Harmony and Balance: Lived Experiences of Javanese Women with Type 2 Diabetes. (Lecturer [British system; tenure-track]; University of Sydney.)*Fulbright Graduate Fellow

Top Three Finalists, Joint ICA/NCA Health Communication Dissertation Award

Doctoral Committees Chaired
  University of Oklahoma, USA
Guoyu Emma Wong (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2014-present); ABD
  Dalaki Livington (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2017-present);
  Grace Karuga (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2011-2014);
Jennifer White (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2007-2009)
Nakia Welch (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2008-2009), Co-Chaired with Dr. Arthur VanGundy
  National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  Peiling Wu (National Taiwan Normal University, 2015-present)
Doctoral Committee Membership
  David Zeoli  (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2016-present)
Reinaldo Jose Cortes Quantip  (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2014-present)
University of Oklahoma
Naoto Ogawa [小川 直人  (おがわ なおと)] (Ph.D.; completed 2007), Chaired by Dr. Young Yun Kim
  Masaki Yoshitake [吉武正樹] (Ph.D.; completed 2008), Chaired by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Konstantin Tovstiadi (Ph.D.; completed 2008), Chaired by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
Anna Wang Lowe (Ph.D., completed 2009), Chaired by Dr. Todd Sandel
  Satoko Izumi [泉里子] (Ph.D., completed 2010), Co-Chaired by Dr. Todd Sandel and Dr. Eric M. Kramer
Kelly McKay-Semmler (Ph.D., completed 2010), Chaired by Dr. Young Yun Kim
  Takuya Sakurai [櫻井拓也] (Ph.D., completed 2010), Chaired by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Gene H. Hallford (Ph.D., completed 2010), Chaired by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Tae-Sik Kim (Ph.D., comppleted 2011), Chaird by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
Elizabeth Minei (Ph.D., comppleted 2013), Chaird by Dr. Michael Kramer
Garret Castleberry (Ph.D., comppleted 2015), Chaird by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Alaina Zanin (Ph.D., comppleted 2015), Chaird by Dr. Ryan Bisel
  Tylor Thornton (Ph.D., comppleted 2015), Chaird by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Bobbie Van Gilder (Ph.D., comppleted 2016), Chaird by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Yang Liu (Ph.D., comppleted 2016), Chaird by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
  Roni Jackson (Ph.D., comppleted 2016), Chaird by Dr. Eric M. Kramer
Master's Thesis Chaired, University of Oklahoma

Soo Jung Hong (2010). Embodied Memory: North Korean Refugees in the South Korean Health Care System.

Master’s Capstone Project Chaired, University of Illinois

Wilma Thomson (2013). Transitional Communication Plan for the Spina Bifida Clinic at Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Master's Advising
  Soo Jung Hong (Univ. of Oklahoma, completed 2010)
  Danni Lao (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2015-present)
Master's Committee Membership
  Kevin Blake (Univ. of Oklahoma, completed 2009)
  Meredith Kalas (Univ. of Oklahoma, completed 2007)
  Gerald Breen (Univ. of Oklahoma, completed 2005)
Faculty Mentor
  Dyah Pitaloka  (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2010-2014)

Graduate Fellow, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, Fulbright.

  Grace Karuga  (Univ. of Oklahoma, Spring, 2011)

Fellow, Graduate Teaching Academy, University of Oklahoma

  Haiying Kong (Univ. of Oklahoma, 06/01/2009-07/31/2009)

OCTIS Scholar, Oklahoma Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (OCTSI) Scholar Program
Project: Illness as a Coordinated Family Activity: Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Elderly Chinese in the United States

  Yolanda Emerson (Univ. of Oklahoma, 2007-2008)

McNair Scholar, Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program
Project: Situating Social Support and Health Literacy in African American Women's Management of Diabetes


Dale Brahsers

My advisor, Dale Brahsers, had always been my inspiration and role model.